Monday, July 27, 2015

Week Three - May 26th, 2015

So not a lot has happened this past week except I got new rommates which kind of sucked, but my new ones are a lot of fun! They dont speak a lot of english, but we can still talk about songs and movies and stuff hahaha. I have 2 other roommates besides my companion and one of them keeps laughing like in the middle of the night. Its soo weird and they keep accusing me of doing it hahaha. Anyways, I kind of got a cough and a sore throat this week. I think I got it from one of the sister missionaries that left a few days ago, because she was like really sick. But Ill survive haha. Today is a really good day, because I have PDay and then after I write all of these emails I get to go to the temple! Woot woot. I hate that I dont have a temple in my mission, so I try to really take advantage of it when I get the chance. Oh yeah a lot of people asked what my schedule is like so here it is. I wake up at like 6:45 every morning and go to personal study for like an hour and then i go to a local park and play soccer until like 9:15. The latinos are really good and I really suck haha. At 10 I start classes and this includes language study and practice investigator study and so on. I finish the day at about 9:30 and then we have to have the lights off in our apartments by 11. So thats my day! Pdays and sundays are different, but other than that my schedule stays pretty much the same! Anyways I love you all and thank you for your emails! Ciao!
Eating Ice Cream

Picture in Chile

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