Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Week 49 - April 18, 2016

María got baptized!!!!!!!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!!! But dang that was stressful!! Hahaha soooo she got her interview this last Thursday which was 3 HOURS LONG. It turns out that Maria has been taking Marijuana oil stuff for pain relief sooo the district leader didnt know if that was against the word of wisdom so he called the zone leaders and then the zone leaders called the Assistents to the Pres. and then they talked to the President of the Mission. Sooo while all that was going on, my companion, the companion to the district leader and the granddaughter to Maria watched Meet the Mormons all the way through and almost finished Ephraim´s rescue. IT WAS SOOOO LONG. BUT in the end it turned out that it wasnt against the word of wisdom, but she should find something else to use. Its not like she is an addict. The last time she used it was in December and you can buy the stuff in a store. BUT ANYWAYS, she got baptized this Sunday and will be confirmed next week. It was such a struggle with the water too!!! In the end it turned out to be kind of warm:P Haha BUT everything turned out good in the end:) We also have another date for baptism!!!! May 7th! Her name is Ayline. Her parents are sealed in the temple and she never got baptized because she is afraid of the water. So we decided to do a practice in the baptismal font full of water and everything. Hahaha it was basically a baptism but it turned out really good!!! She accepted the date right after! WOOHOOO!!!! So that was the good part. Haha its really funny here, there are A LOT of members in Chile, but almost all the them are inactive. Soo it just about everyone of our contacts in the street are members of the church! Im not even kidding. We have been contacting apartment buildings and in every sigle one there is atleast one member! Hahaha that is what has been going on lately!! Its also starting to get cold here! We just got a TON of rain yesterday. But today is sunny haha. Im not sure how it is going to be this week!! Make sure to keep my investigators in your prayers!!! THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!! CHAO!!!!