Monday, July 27, 2015

Week One - May 12th, 2015

Weeeell, week one is almost over and I feel like doing good over all. The language is defiantly a barrier, but I´m progressing nonetheless. I flew from salt lake with about 9 other missionaries! So I definitely not alone, and then 4 other missionaries met up with us in Atlanta. My zone is split up between the native speakers and the greengos (slang for Americans haha). I have 3 hermanas in my district and then two pairs of elders. My companion is named Elder Fullmer, he is really cool and easy to work with which is a relief, because I can see some of the people here who don´t like their companions and it makes everything harder. We also struggle about the same amount with Spanish so at least I´m not alone.
     The area I´m in is sooo beautiful! There is greenery everywhere. This is also the land of loose pets hahaha, because there are wild dogs, cats, and parakeets everywhere! Its really fun and the dogs are so nice and always try to follow us home when we leave the park from doing exercise.
     The work here is really hard especially with trying to learn a new language and the days are planned out to the minute so I feel like I have been here forever! I´m definitely progressing though. One of the natives named Elder Estrella helps me with Spanish words during lunch which is really cool of him. I can say my prayers and bare my testimony completely in Spanish haha it just takes me a minute to say it.
     Tuesdays are my PDs but I´m not sure whether that will change so just make sure to have all emails sent by Sunday night! Oh and letters take about three weeks to get here! Don't ask we why because I don´t know haha.
    Well, that's all for now I´ve got to move onto other messages! I love all of you soooo much! Adios!

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