Monday, July 27, 2015

Week Ten - July 20th, 2015

HOLA. Soo, lots has happened this past week! We got 4 new investigators! And had one of them progress by attending church! Woot woot! We also had a service project this week for one of the members who needed her tree to be chopped down, and in the pictures I will send, the tree is actually a lot bigger than it looks! That was fun though and it was nice to help her with that. Haha and! I found a lot of tarantulas this week!! One of the recent converts who lives out in the boonies (his name is Benjamin and is 9 years old) went looking for tarantulas with me because he found out that I liked them soooo we went to a small rock pile, that was literally like 10 feet away from his house, and within like 2 minutes found 3 tarantulas!!! They were all kind of small and very friendly so I held one and I made my companion hold it as well! I will send pictures haha. Anyways, those were probably the most interesting things we did. We dont have a lot of time today, because we are going to the church to play soccer with some of the youth sooo I will write more next week! Chao
Service Project Pictures



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