Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Week 38 - February 1st, 2016

Weeeeell, soooo this past week has been a little difficult. We have been contacting A TON lately because we dont really have anyone that is progressing..... BUT: The mom of Anakena who was baptized like 2 weeks ago, accepted a date for baptism!!!! Before when we were teaching Anakena, she was always like, you can teach Anakena, BUT I WILL NOT BE BAPTIZED. Sooo we were like OK...... But we are still going to try hahaha. Soo finally we got her to accept a date!!! The only thing with her is she is really worried what her friends are going to think of her. Like she really likes the gospel and knows its true, but she just couldnt bring herself to accept baptism. Make sure to pray a lot for her that she will pray and read and go to church!!!!!!!!!! But other then that, we have been doing practices with the members for a plan that they have to reactive the ward. Because in Parte Alta there are about 70 mas o menos, members attending church, BUT in total for all the members in Parte Alta, there are 900 members!!!!! Sooo the goal with this plan is to reactive the members!!! One Ex-missionary from our ward is teaching the members the lessons of the missionaries from Preach my Gospel. So now every other Sunday we have doing practices with the members so they can teach us the lessons and then after we tell them what they can do to improve and stuff like that!! Its been fun! Other than that, nothing is really going on:) Thanks for the emails and support:) Have a great week!!! CHAO!!!