Monday, July 27, 2015

Week Five - June 9th, 2015

Sooo, This is my last week in the MTC! I cant believe thats its already been 6 weeks! I most likely wont be having a P-Day next week so this is the last one for las proximas semañas. Anyways, not a lot has happened this week so this one is going to be short! Haha so my district is like the best in the whole world. We are like super sarcastic and real with eachother it makes me laugh. The Hermanas especially in my district are super funny with how sarcastic and mean they are to eachother. My companion makes me laugh a lot too. There was this one time that we were practicing with the latinos and they were suppose to teach about the Plan of Salvation and we had to come up with a need that had to do with the plan of salvation, like a family member died or something, so in a black person voice my companion says (really loud): my gopha (gopher) died, my dawg died, where dey at? I hit a bird the otha day, where dat at? Hahaha I guess you had to be there, but I was dying, it was soo funny. ANYWAYS.... I go to the temple for the last time today for the next 2 years:( So im going to make the best out of this!! Well I think thats about it sooooo, thanks for the emails and letters! I really appreciate it! I love all yall, Hasta Luego!!
Elder Aston's Zone in the MTC

"This one is just a random house that has some obvious german influence. It looks cool."

"This is inside a 7 story mall. It was HUGE!"

"This picture was taken right outside the church I go to."

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