Monday, July 27, 2015

Week Eight - July 6th, 2015

Soooo this past Friday was the American world cup final for futbol and it was between Chile and Argentina. And Chile has NEVER won the world cup before, so the fact that they made it to the world cup was huge! Anyways, so my new mission president (who is Chillian), as of last week, said that we could watch the game! So we bought jerseys and went to the ward mission leaders house and watched it with his family and it was crazy!!!! After they won the game, literally everyone in Chile went Crazy!! There were people driving like a houndred miles per hour down the streets with people hanging out of the windows waiving Chillian flags and shouting and screaming! And I got some video of it hahaha. But after a little bit of that we heard gunfire so we went back to the apartment and studied and talked for the rest of the night. It seriously lasted like all night and it was literally all right outside our house so we had a hard time getting to sleep. Anyways! That was a lot of fun though:) 
Things have been good here! Its been kind of slow with the people we have been teaching, but one of our investigators is really close to a baptismal date sooo hopefully within the next couple weeks!! Today we have an activity with my district because we met a goal of baptizing 5 people within one month soo yay!! We are going to go to a city called Piña blanca and we are going to play games, eat completos and mono caca (monkey crap, its a cookie hahaha). Anyways other than that nothing much has happened sooo I got to go! Chao!!
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