Friday, April 28, 2017

His Last General Email - April 24th, 2017

THE LAST TESTS BEFORE THE END OF MY MISSION. Hahaha this week has been crazy! First of all I have basically lost my voice hahaha. I just woke up two days ago and my throat was really dry and I could barely talk. Hahaha its getting a little bit better. This last Wednesday there was something called a Censo which was basically to see how many people are in Chile and their living conditions sooo we had to stay in the house until they came to censor us. BUT THEY NEVER CAME. We stayed in the house the WHOLE DAY. We lost 4 appointments all with investigators!!!! NOOOO! Haha and yesterday The Montecino´s family didnt go to church!! Soo we set the date for  April 30th which is my last day in my sector!!! THey have their interview this Friday! MAke sure to pray a lot for them!!! BUT Manuel went to church and he went to an activity which he loved!!!! He is really getting to like the church a lot. His problem was that he has to stop going to his other church, and this activity helped him have the friendships that he needs. We hope to set the date for baptsim for this Sunday too, Pray for a miracle!!! Weell, I ran out of time but this is my last week in the mission. I have had the best experience of my life. Im so grateful for this oportunity that I had to serve the Lord and the people here in Chile. I know that this is the true church. I know that our Heavenly Father lives and loves us and has a perfect plan for everyone. I know that my family will be eternal, Im so grateful for them. I know that these things are true. Thank you for all the support. Have a great week! CHAO!!!!


Here are some pictures that we've received over the past few months. We are so excited to have him come home! We love our Elder Aston!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Week 87 - January 9th, 2017

WOW so this week was a little bit unusual! 

This last Monday started out kind of sucking, because we had plans to play soccer and buy stuff in the Center of Valparaiso, BUT it was the first of January and everything was closed! Soooo we just bought stuff in a little market and went back to our sectors to write our families. 

Right when we finished writing our families and friends, in the house of some members, I got a call from my district leader, and he was like, "Elder, we heard that there is like a fire in your sector or something." And I was like, "Nah I dont think so, but I'll go look." And when I looked out the window everything was dark and I walked outside and saw a HUGE pillar of smoke really close to where we were!! I was like oh crap! Hahaha so once we got some pictures we went back to our apartment, covering our mouths because there was a lot of smoke and ash, We went back out and started helping members and other people take there stuff out of their homes until 8 in the night! 

We were in the news if you want to try and look for us hahaha. But that was the big thing that happened this week. Tuesday, all the Elders from my Zone came and we did service where everything was burned. 

Now for the spiritual things: We had one investigator go to church and now Gabriel (his name) has a date for baptism for this next Sunday!!! WOOT WOOT! The other date for baptism is Jose who didn't go to church, but already has like a million asistences. And we have lots of plans to work more with the members sooo make sure to pray a lot for us this week!!!! Thanks for all the support and I hope that you all have a great week. 

OH, before I go I wanted to share something important: If you don't show your love, than you don't have love. Because it's the same as Faith, if we don't do anything with our faith, then its the same as if we don't have faith. Something that the restored church of Jesus Christ should have is love. If you aren't showing your love then I invite you to look for service or that you do your home-teaching. Thanks for everything! HAVE AN EXCELLENT WEEK! CHAO!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Week 85 - December 26, 2016

Yesterday was Christmas, but we still had 3 investigators go to church and Rosa got confirmed!!!!!!!!! WOOO HOOOOO! Haha so right now we have three dates for baptism one with Nicol who was supposed to be baptized this week, but she didn't go to church last week so we changed her date to January 7th, Gabriel who is a 14 year old for the same day and finally Jose who is the fiance of a member who lives in the Laguna Verde! Pray lots for these people so that they will be able to progress and reach these goals! 

Christmas eve we stayed with the family who lives in the Laguna Verde, and we had a night of cakes and french fries (Because they asked me what I wanted hahaha) They also had an Ex-missionary from Utah there with his wife too so it was fun to see them too. But that's about all that's going on. 

I got to talk to the family yesterday which was great haha, and I was thinking about what my grandpa asked me while we were skyping and he asked me what goals do I have for the rest of my mission. I have been thinking about this a lot lately, especially in the person that I want to be after the mission. I want to be someone who is humble but strong. I don't want to go back with the same pridefulness that I left with. I want to be somebody who does lots of service because I love to do it not because I have a calling. I want to take advantage of this time that I have left to grow my testimony and my knowledge so that I can talk with the spirit and help other people get to the truth. I'm so grateful for all your support! Have an excellent week! CHAO! 

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Week 82 - December 5th, 2016

This week, we had a miracle! Rosa got baptized last Friday!!!! WOOOHOOOOO!!!! It was really cool, because her baptism date was kind of like there in the air for awhile like she really wasn't sure but we had a really good lesson with her Monday and she decided that it was time soooo she was baptized! She will get confirmed next week because we had a stake conference last Sunday. But that is the big news for this week! 

We had an activity in Viña today with all the missionaries in the 5th Region so that was fun. I got to see 2 of my old companions! And I also heard that one of my converts in Miraflores got the Melchizedek priesthood!!! They plan on getting sealed in March!!! WOOHOO! BUT that's about all that has been going on. I don't have a lot of time to write today, but I just wanted to give a small update! Have a great week! Thanks for all the support! CHAO!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Week 79 - November 14th, 2016

We had 3 investigators go to church yesterday, Catalina was confirmed member of the church, and we had twins that are less active go to church!!! WOOHOOOO! Hahaha so this week has been really busy and really fast. 

This week is exchanges!! But I think that E. Islas and I will be together for another change. Anyway, we did a service project this past Tuesday with all the Elders from my Zone in the Laguna verde!!! So that was fun, we had a huge BBQ and we cut trees, weeds and cleaned up garbage. And it was the Birthday of my companion. Hes growing up so fast 😂 Hahaha just kidding. 

We found lots of new people to teach and we set a date for baptism yesterday with a man who is dating a temple worker!!!!! WOOT WOOT!!! Hahaha thats what we need. More single temple workers that only date non members! Hahaha just kidding.......... ANYWAY, other than that I have been doing good. We played ultimate frisbee today hahaha which was fun. But that's all! Thanks for the emails and support:) CHAO!

Friday, November 11, 2016