Friday, May 20, 2016

Week 53 - May 16th, 2016

Ayline was confirmed yesterday!! WOOHOOO! hahaha She was really happy. I was so content to see her and her family. They have had a lot of problems but everything worked out great! AND this next week we will have the baptism of Manuel!!!!!!!!! 

This one is kind of a miracle because everyone thought that he would be a forever investigator Hahaha. He has been attending church for the past 6 MONTHS. He also goes to the activities and comes with us to lessons hahaha. He is going to be a great member. Anyways, make sure to pray for him A LOT because he is going to have his interview this Thursday!!! Im feeling pretty good about it now but still keep him in your prayers. 

This last Saturday it started raining really really hard and it destroied the umbrella of my companion haha so I gave him mine because he didnt have a hood on his jacket and I used my waterproof jacket haha I love that thing! Hahaha but then after like 5 minutes it stopped! and then there was sun! Its like Utah here haha. BUT ANYWAYS, thats about all thats been going on this week! 

Oh, we also got to go and play soccer with the Elders from my zone last Monday! Its really fun because almost all of the Elders are green-goes (north americans) Hahaha and green-goes are known for being terrible at soccer hahaha. Soo Im like one of the best players now hahaha. Oooh Its really funny to watch. We are terrible hahaha. BUT thats all! Have a great week! ¡Hasta Luego!

Week 52 - May 9th, 2016 (ONE YEAR!!!!)

WOOOOOO so these past couple of weeks have been pretty good!! First of all (Im not sure if I have already written it or no) But María got confirmed and now is super buena in the church!! Hahaha she went and had an interview with the bishop this past Tuesday and helped with an activity for the Relief Society. Sooo she is really good now:) AND AYLINE GOT BAPTIZED YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Hahaha yesterday was really good, we also got to talk with our families which was nice I guess haha JK mom hahaha. BUT ANYWAYS, we also set another date for baptism with a forever investigator!! Hahaha he has been attending church for like 8 months now without fault, he also goes to all of the activities, he comes with us to lessons with investigators, and everything. The thing is is he is really really funny and doesnt take things very seriously. But he also has cancer and had to have his throat removed. We had a lesson where we bore our testiomonies and the Elder who I was with told some experiences that were really good too. Soooo we set the date for May 22nd!!!!!! Pray A LOT for him please haha. Because I really want him to come through with this date for baptism! But thats all that has been happening lately. Today we are going to go play soccer with our Zone! Hahaha so Im pretty excited for that because almost all of the missionaries who are in our zone are green-goes (North Americans) And green-goes are TERRIBLE at playing soccer sooo Im like one of the best players now hahahahaha. Thats why its fun:) Hahaha but thats all for this week! CHAO!!!