Monday, July 27, 2015

Week Nine - July 13th, 2015

Hola! Well its been a very busy week for us! We got 2 new investigators! Woot woot and we have an appointment with another tonight sooo yeah! So every since I have gotten here its been really cold, well now its really wet! And they say they are in a drought. There are literal rivers in the streets! So thats been great haha. And me and my companion went to Viña del Mar yesterday to meet the New President of our mission who is Chillian and awesome haha. After we got lost and ended up at the ocean which was cool haha, but bad because we arent suppose to go near the ocean! Oops. Haha anyways something funny: so my companion found some really funny scriptures, The one that is probably the funniest, is in Ether 14:23. My companion read this to me after not showering one day because my towel was being washed hahaha! I have others, but this one is probably the best. Anyways, its been good here! Lots of stuff has been happening to keep us busy! Alright well, I will talk to yall next week!! Chao!!

"Going to church & someone has their sprinkler going while it's raining."

"Somebody's pet duck in their backyard."


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