Monday, July 27, 2015

Week Six - June 22nd, 2015

So it has been a week since I left the MTC! its been really hard, but Ive also had a lot of fun! Im in an area right now that is very poor, but I prefer this than the city! There is graffiti and dogs everywhere which is actually kind of fun. Dogs are freaking annoying though haha. The place Im at is in a desert, but there are lots of trees. It gets reaaaally hot during the day and then reeaaally cold during the night haha. Anyways my trainer is Chilian, he is 18yrs, and his name is Elder Henriquez. He doesnt speak English so it has been kind of hard trying to understand what he is talking about, but we have made it work! My Spanish has gotten better, but the people here talk sooo fast haha, the worst is when they are talking then look at me and stop talking, because they asked me a question and I just look at them like... what? But they are all really nice and understand that Im still learning so its ok haha. Anyways I have my first baptism this Wednesday! Im going to be baptizing a girl named Antonia, she is really nice, she is about our age, and none of her family are members. Hopefully we will have more soon. Alright well thats about all I have time to say so I will update you all more next week! Hasta Luego!
"This is a picture of the sunset in Santiago!! They have the best sunrises and sunsets."
Last Days in the MTC

A group photo in Viña.

Elder Aston & his new trainer!
"A picture of me in my new area! Olmué!



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