Friday, September 4, 2015

Week 16 - August 31st, 2015

This week has been pretty slow hahaha. But here´s whats new: We started teaching a class for the members of the ward so they can start teaching the lessons to the recient converts. We are only teaching the ward leaders right now, but its been a lot of fun!! Hahaha so thats been happening and last time I had to teach the English class all by myself. It was good I hope haha. We started contacting in new areas which makes me really happy, and we now have some really good investigators so Im excited to start teaching them, BUT! Changes are not this week, but next, and the city Im in, Olmué, is becoming one sector! So it will now be either just Elders or Sister missionaries:( So Im probably going to be leaving which sucks because I really love this area. But if Im not suppose to stay here, then I guess I will do more good somewhere else so now Im just waiting to see what happens haha. Anyways! Thats about it for me. I started wearing short sleeves now because its really starting to get hot:( Dang it haha. Oh!! I have now finally had liver!! Yaaay. Its so gross hahaha. The mean people here keep giving it to me hahaha. Its not even meat. Its like sand or something hahaha. Other then liver, the food is actually really really good here. And there is a place close by my house where I can buy french fries and empanadas!! Im so happy hahaha. Alright, well thats all for this week!! Chao!!

(The pictures below aren't from this past week, but they are from the MTC! He just got them & they're fun so I thought I would post them)

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