Saturday, September 19, 2015

EARTHQUAKE UPDATE: Friday September 18th, 2015

Hey mom!! Yeah so I was in the 8.3 earthquake!! Me and my companion were walking in the street and talking, and all of the sudden I started to hear a rumbling sound, so I was like, hey stop. And then thats when it happened! we were standing in the street, like holy crap hahaha. It was gigantic!!! It felt like we were on a scateboard or something, we were swaying back and forth and so were the buildings, the light poles, everything was shaking. that was probably the coolest thing that ever happened hahaha. For the rest of the day we were feeling tremors, but before we went back to our pension, we found members who were walking to go watch the tsunami! so we were like.... OK lets go!! Hahaha so I was really high up and I got to watch the tsunami come and take out cars, boats, and we were next to a dock for cargo ships, so there were tons of those giant cargo boxes that went past us. BUT yeah. Thats what happened. My whole area is on a hill right next to the sea, so I was safe and I got an awesome view of everything. There were some missionaries that werent able to sleep in their pensions, but everything turned out OK. I have some great photos! I will send them to you next Pday so yeah, I just didnt want you to worry or anything! We have been doing a lot of service too because of the tsunami. The tsunami was probably the most destructive part, most of the center of our city was like taken out, and a lot still dont have lights. We are using member´s computers because everything is closed, because they dont want anything stolen. Anyways, thats what happened!! Im fine so settle down!! ya weirdo. I love you tons!!!! Everything is TOTALLY OK. Chao!!

Oh haha I didnt answer some of your questions: YES im soooo happy that I lived through one and I cant wait for the next one next year!! There is suppose to be another big one next year, so we will see!! and yes I knew what it was when it started, thats why I told my companion to stop talking, because thats what I thought it was, but I didnt know it was going to be that huge!! Hahaha yeah so I saw the tsunami, but I couldnt see a lot of the actual ocean because it was at like 10 oclock at night, so I only got to see what was coming on the land, but it was still awesome to see hahaha. No I didnt loose anything in the flood hahaha im really high up on a hill so the water didnt even come close to me. Hahaha alright soo you can be at peace. Hahaha I love you tons!! Chao!!

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