Monday, August 24, 2015

Week 15 - August 24th, 2015

So this week was a lot better! We had one girl that had a date for her baptism, but it fell through because her family who lives in Rancagua (however you spell that) wants to come, so we just have to find out their schedule now. Its for the best that it fell through though, because there are a lot of problems, especially with her family that needs to be resolved first. Anyways, we got a lot of new investigators this week in the nicer, greener areas of my mission so that was nice! One of them is really really receptive and has lots of friends in the church so Im excited to start with her, aaaaand she likes to longboard so she is really cool hahaha. Anyways, thats been going on, and My companion and I and the sister missionaries in our ward started having another class (besides our english class) for the members of the ward so they can be able to teach the missionary lessons with the pamphlets. It went really well! We are starting with only the leaders of the ward, but after, if it continues to have a good turnout, we will start with the members. Because they already now the doctrine, they just need to now how to put it order and in a way that other people can understand it. Soo yeah. Hahaha today I have to go to Viña del Mar to talk with the Missionary doctor and nurse because last week one of my tooth-caps broke so I have to go talk to them about that. Anyways! I have been feeling pretty good, time is flying by for me, Im sure about you guys, but Im about to finish my second companion change! Crazy hahaha. Alright well thats all for me! Chao!!

"Service project with the Bishop!"

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