Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Week 18 - September 14th, 2015

Weeeell, Changes were this past Wednesday, AND my companion left, AND I left. Yep Im no longer in Olumé, there are now two new Elders in that sector. That was totally not expected! When the zone leaders were reading the names of the missionaries leaving, they first read my companion´s name, which we both saw coming, but then they read my name and I was like . . . . . What? Hahaha so now Im in the North! The place where I am now is about 6 hours to the North of Viña del Mar, called Parte Alta, Coquimbo. My sector is basically a penisula, almost completly surrounded by ocean. Im actually really happy about that, because the winds that we get from the ocean are great especially now that summer is starting to come. ANYWAYS, my new companion is Elder Johnson, he is from Arizona, 18yrs old but his birthday is 28 of this month, and he has 6 months in the mission. Soooooo, yeah hahaha. My new area has a lot more flighte people, which is basically like gangster, or *cough* white trash *cough*. So its been really interesting! The people are a little strange here, but the members are awesome:) Thats one of my favorite parts of the mission! OH YEAH. The view from my pension (my house) is so incredible. Like, its freaking beautiful. I also live about 2 minutes walking from the biggest monument(..?) in Chile! Its a gigantic cross called Cross of the third millenium. Hahaha, but you can go inside it and look out at the ocean from the view! We are hopefully going to go up it next week! I dont have pictures today, so next week. But yeah. Thats may new area! Its been a crazy past couple of days! Oh and one more funny thing that happened, my old companion: Elder Henriquez, is now with my companion from the MTC haha. Yep so thats about it!! Chao!!

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