Thursday, September 24, 2015

Week 19 - September 21st, 2015

This week was a little crazy. So first: there was the earthquake and the tsunami. My companion and I, and all the missionaries in our zone, have been helping out with service down where it really hit hard. We do service from about 10 to 1, and then we have lunch and then back to work as missionaries! Im pretty sure we will be doing the same this coming week. So we have been doing a lot of service, but then to top it off, probably the biggest holiday in all of Chile was this last Friday. The 18th of Sept is their independence day so there is a gigantic field next to the ocean where they have stores, resturants, games, a rollcoaster haha, dancing, concerts, etc. And the festival is pretty much the whole week, Soo all the people have been there, so we havent been able to find anybody haha. So on the 18th we were told just to stay with the members the whole day, and the recent converts. But yeah! Thats what has been happening! Hopefully we can find more people this next week, soo keep us in our prayers please! AND all the people that lost their homes, and businesses, and everything. Im soo grateful for all your support! Ok thats it for this week! Chao!!

The view from his room

"La Destrucción"

Elder Johnson his new companion
"My companion & I ate BBQ blood. It's actually pretty good."

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