Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Week 21 - October 5th, 2015

Caden didn't send a general email this week, but our mom decided to let me share his email to her this week. It's very sweet. Enjoy.

"Hola mom. YEP I got to watch conference. We also had to go to the stake center to watch it, and they had a class room in the church where we could watch it in English! It was tan tan bueno hahaha (really really good). I looooved the talk by Elder Holland. I cried during that one. I miss you a ton and I loved it because you are the exact mother that he was talking about. The strength and the patience and the love that you have for me is why I'm here on a mission and why I'm soo grateful for everything that you have ever done for me. And when I get back I will go to the store with you whenever you need to go hahahaha:) But yeah, so that was ONE of my favorites. Hahaha it's so funny watching conference with other missionaries because they are always like daaaaaang or woooooww, or BOOM haha. But yeah that was really good. I'm kind of sad that I wont be able to watch it again for another 6 months. And the prophet did not look to good:( I really hope he is OK. AND good luck with everything that is going on!!!! With the house and everything haha. Well that's about it for this week!!! I love you a ton!! And also don't let dad forget about sending me the music!!! I love you tonssss!!!!! CHAO."

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