Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Week 43 - March 7, 2016

Im going to answer your questions first: Yes, members still do my laundry! Woot woot haha. Chileans only have one big meal everyday and thats lunch, and we eat that with the members. After that they have something called 11. Which is basically like bread, with ecco (hot chocolate) haha. And we do eat that with the people we teach sometimes. Haha no I got to work for my birthday hahaha but the next day we did a family home evening and the people we didnt it with remembered that it was my birthday soo they bought me a cake and made me blow out candles hahaha. It was really sweet of them:) We got a date for baptism yesterday!!! Woot woot! His name is Leo. He has sometype of cancer and Im not sure if he is going to be OK or not, but his wife is a member and he wants to be sealed in the temple with her. Soooo he is going to be baptized 19 of March. He was attending church before but now he has the date for baptism!!! And we have a lot of investigators who can be baptized this month, BUT we will see what happens. We have one investigator who is really really funny, he is 61 years old and he already has all the lessons and all the church attendence that he needs BUT for some reason he will not be baptized!!! He already knows that the church is true and everything and he comes with us to teach other people sometimes hahaha. We tried telling him that you can feel the holy ghost with the feelings you get in your heart. And he said that you cant get answers from your heart because its a muscle, he wants to recieve an answer from his brain hahahaha. He is seriously porfiado, I cant remember how to say that in English. Hahaha But thats about it!!! We have found a lot of new people to teach soo thats good:) OK well thaanks for everything!! CHAO!!!

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