Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Week 42 - February 29, 2016

I left Parte Alta!!! It was really sad to say good bye especially to Gricel and Eduardo, but we have plans to see eachother next January when they would be sealed in the temple sooo we will see what happens! I am now in the south end of my mission right next to Viña del Mar called Miraflores, Achupallas. ITS REALLY PRETTY HERE. Im up on a really big hill right next to the ocean soo I get a really good view from here:) WE have a lot of investigators here too soooo hopefully this coming week we can get some baptism dates! AND I have two companions now! One is Elder Leiva, from Southern Chile, and the other is Elder Weber, from Texas. Elder Leiva is going to be finishing his mission about half through this change soo we will be in a trio until March 20:P But its ok hahaha I actually really like it because now we can enter in what ever house we want!! WOOT WOOT. Weeeell, this week was my birthday and I got 2 packages from home with a really nice watch, tie, sweater, and lots of candy hahaha. But other than that it was just like any other day:) Weeeeell thats about all that happened:) Thanks for all the emails and support:) I dont feel like Im 20 hahaha. OK WEEEELL, CHAO!

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