Monday, January 11, 2016

Week 34 - January 4, 2016

WOW. So this week has been busy! We have been working a ton with Gricel, because her baptism and marriage is this week! She had her interview with the Zone leaders for her baptism and we learned a couple things, but the main thing is that she has to live the Law of Chastity for one week BEFORE her baptism..... Soooo Eduardo cant sleep in his house for a week. Hahaha so we are going to talk with the members near by to see if he can stay in their house, but until we can find somebody he is sleeping in his car!! Hahaha I feel bad, but its for a good purpose!! So everything is going well with them for now. They have gotten in a couple of fights since they got their date for marriage sooo still keep them in your prayers!!!!! We have also been teaching Angelica and Anakena. Angelica just got married so she isnt breaking the law of Chastity, but the thing is with her she doesnt have any desire:/ Her daughter Anakena does want to get baptized. AND the best part is, is that Angelica´s oldest daughter came up from the South for the wedding and she is super super active in the church!!!!! The cool thing about her is that she got married to the missionary that baptized her and then after they split up, but she remained faithful in the church and he gave it up. Sooo she has a really really strong testimony and I know that its going to be a great help for her:) I have been feeling really good! We have taught a lot of good lessons lately. We also got to spend New years up until 11 with Gricel and Eduardo and then after we could stay up and watch the fireworks. So we went out on our balcony and watched the fireworks go off in the ocean!!!!! That was really cool. I have lots of video of it haha. But thats probably the main thing! We have also been teaching Gricel´s sister and she is going to be baptized the 16th or 17th of January!! She just needs to go to church 2 more times. Soooo thats about all!!!! Remember to keep Gricel and Eduardo in your prayers and stuff!!! Thank you for all the support and ¡FELIZ AÑO NUEVO! Chao!!!!

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