Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Week 67 - August 22nd, 2016

This is the last week of the change(transfers)! It went by really fast! 

Well, these past couple of weeks have been really good. We have found a lot of good people to start teaching. Yesterday one of our investigators, Jocelyn, went to church for the first time!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!! We found her about 3 weeks ago. She is the partner of a less active. Soo they aren't married but they already have 3 kids together. We did a really good lesson with her. I'm sad to say that I just understood this recently but we have been really trying to see who are the people that want to find the truth and not who are just reading and praying out of curiosity. We asked her why she has been praying and reading and she said that she was really trying to find the truth and than she said, "even if my mom doesn't want me to go I feel like I really need to go to church now." And I was like WUUUUMP there it is! 

Soo we started asking all of our investigators this and we are finally progressing with them. Yesterday, we found Gustavo again after a long time of not teaching him. HE IS EXCELENTE. Haha he has been reading the book of Mormon everyday for the past couple of weeks and is already in the middle! He also said that he really wants to go to church and everything! THAN after him we went looking for some people that we contacted in the street last week and we found Angelo. He already has the Book of Mormon, D&C, the pearl of great price and the bible from the church! He has a friend that is member and has been sharing lots of things from the church with him so he knows a lot about the church. He told us that he is catholic but he doesn't really like it, and that he really likes the story of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. And sooo we were like, "What is stopping you from getting baptized?" And he was like..... I smoke and my work doesn't let me go to church. The smoking part is really easy to fix, but the problem is finding time to go to church. Because even if he is reading everyday and praying, he cant progress. Make sure to pray lots for him that he will be able to go to church!! We set a baptismal date for Sept 15th so pleeeeeaaaase pray lots for him! But thats the latest news. 

OH I'm also going to start learning Portuguese I've decided. There is a new member in the Branch who is an ex-missionary and he is from Brazil sooo I'm going to practice with him. But that's about it! Today we are going to visit Jocelyn and make sushi with her and her partner. Hahaha soo that's always good. Have a great week! Thanks for all the support. CHAO!!!

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